Burnout Management: Individual
Coach: Rupert A. Hayles, Jr. (Center for Emotional & Spiritual Development Team)

What to expect:

  • Attend a workshop or individual one on one with a coach on the subject of Burnout  
  • Month One: Workshop and Assessment  
  • Month Two and Three: Review Assessment  
  • Month Four through Six: Develop a Personal Development Plan for client


Understanding Burnout and Effective leadership:  

  • Review
    • Training of individuals in understanding the soul 
    • Training and understanding what Burnout is
    • Understanding Performance Orientation
    • Understanding the Symptoms of Burnout
  • Defining and integrating the Leadership Styles  
  • Reviewing Individual Burnout Report
  • Reviewing Group Burnout Report
  • Reviewing General Norms
    • Exhaustion, Cynicism, Professional Efficacy  
  • Developing Action Plans around
    • Workload, Control, Reward, Community, Fairness, Values