Financial Management for Key Financial Officers: Individual
Coach: Steve Jorgensen

What to expect:

  • Ideal for Head Financial officer of an organization, especially when they are inexperienced,recently promoted, or lack a non-profit financial management background.
  • Coach will work with the client to assess their strengths and weaknesses as the CFOresponsible for managing the organization’s finances.
  • Client will develop a self-improvement plan for their skills in managing the finances.
  • Coach will review the organization’s current financial reports with the CFO and CEO, making recommendations as to ways that they could be improved (as needed).
  • Coach will work with the CFO and CEO to establish reasonable expectations for their ongoing communications and reporting.
  • Monitoring of progress.


  • Several initial meetings followed by monthly calls to monitor progress.
  • Development of a self-improvement plan for CFO and his/her finance team.
  • Development of a clear agreement of expectations and communications between the CFO and the CEO.
  • Improved financial management skills for the CFO will be developed.