Coaching & Training for Maximum Urban Impact

The Leadership Center is about changing culture. If we are to have an impact, then we have to be socially relevant. Our impact is not just within New York City, but it will be felt around the world.” - Priyan Fernando, Former President and COO, American Express Business Travel, New York City 

Developed in response to surveys of pastors and nonprofit leaders across the region, we create training and service opportunities to radically infuse our urban centers with an inflow of more effective, Christ-centered leaders.

By attracting ministry, nonprofit and marketplace leaders throughout the tri-state region, we provide dynamic leadership training to thousands and build collaborative partnerships with nationally renowned faith-based organizations, including helping to facilitate regional sites for the Willow Creek Association’s Global Leadership Summit.

To advance our vision for the future, we also offer two leadership-training initiatives, such as, the Leadership Fellows Program and Next Level Coaching. 

Learn more about our Leadership Performance Initiatives:

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