If you’re a Christian who works in NYC… 

Work is top of mind. You know that work is a mental, emotional, and spiritual battlefield.  If you’re typical, your faith is important to you but you’re not sure how it should play out in the context of your daily job and career.

We provide resources in the form of:

  1. Events where you can learn best practices and meet peers.
  2. Coaching/counsel that bring pastoral insight and the Church to you in the marketplace.
  3. Peer Brokering where you gain from introductions to other believers following Christ at work in the marketplace of New York City.

If you’re a Pastor in the NY Metro area…

You long to grow your church by growing your people, but some of the most capable members of your church seem to be dominated by their careers, and have little time for traditional congregational engagement.

We equip you to equip your people for: their lives at work through:

  1. Pastoral communities of practice where peers learn from each other the best ways to foster workplace disciples.
  2. Coaching for assessing and implementing faith and work best practices in your church.
  3. Peer and resource brokering to connect you to the people and tools that will enhance your work-facing mentoring and disciple-making.