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Making A Difference


New York City – we’ve seen a 500% growth in Christianity in Manhattan from 1989—2014.  Movement Day helps tell the story and attract resources to the city.  .  This is partly from an influx of Believers to the city from the global south, but also new and thriving church plants.  Through the Church Multiplication Alliance (a collaboration between The NYCLC, Redeemer City to City and 7 denominations) we’ve seen 100 churches planted in 5 years since 2010.  We also have provided a learning track for Church Planters and Church Parents through Movement Day (approximately 500 participants, cumulatively).

Attendance – since 2010 more than 6,500 primarily North American leaders have attended the annual Movement Day gathering.

Executive Summit – begun in 2013, marketplace leaders from North America and Europe are gathering to learn from one another how to multiply their influence and apply their talents in their cities.

Strategic Partners Alliance – consists of more than a dozen agencies that have collaborated to create content for Movement Day and to sponsor the event.

NY CityServe and CityFest – coming out of Movement Day 2012, the Luis Palau Association spearheaded a metropolitan New York City initiative to catalyze churches in visibly demonstrative collaborations and service in their communities.  These initiatives culminated in July 2015 with Christian outreach events, rallies and acts of service in communities.

Movement Day Greater Dallas (MDGD) – launched in January 2014, 3,400 leaders and 525 agencies have convened and are now engaged in city-wide efforts.  MDGC was birthed by church/nonprofit and marketplace leaders who were inspired by Movement Day in New York City, to launch an event specific to the needs of their city.  The MDGD event is considered the largest, most diverse gathering of its type in Dallas’ history.  

Two pastors, representing a Caucasian and African American congregations who met at MDGC, were inspired to trade pulpits on Palm Sunday in 2015.  They have inspired 50 pastors to do the same in 2016!

INITIATIVE – this citywide network of millennial leaders (ages 18-34) was accelerated by MDGD.  With their leadership, an evening session for 500 millennials was held at MDGD 2015, to explore how millennials can engage in city transformation. 

This network, led by Grant Skeldon and Chelsea Vaughn, also is engaged in the Movement Day Global Cities programming in New York, hosting evening gatherings for millennials during the 2016 event.

The NYCLC is committed to engaging the next generation of leaders in city transformation efforts.  We have secured a consultant to actively recruit millennials (locally and nationally) for the 2016 event.  Rev. Adam Durso, former youth pastor at Christ Tabernacle in Glendale, Queens, has a proven track record in working with and motivating younger leaders.

Global City Leadership Community – since July 2013, fifteen leaders from a dozen different cities on five continents have gathered monthly to learn from one another. A face-to-face gathering took place in London in May 2014 and in Pretoria in April 2015.

City Changers Movement Day South Africa – this first international replication of Movement Day was hosted by Doxa Deo in Pretoria, South Africa in April 2015.

City Movements – leaders in more than 20 cities in North America and internationally are in various stages of exploration to host a Movement Day expression for unity and transformation of their city, continent and nation (including Haiti in Spring 2016 and London in 2017).