Navigating Organizational Change: Individual
Coach: Steve Jorgensen

What to expect:

  • Ideal for follow up to Leadership Fellows Program
  • Monthly meetings or telephone calls
  • Client will work to identify achievable organizational change goals and objectives with measurable objectives and timeframes.
  • Client will identify barriers/obstacles to achieving these goals and objectives.
  • Client will identify key persons whose buy-in to these goals and objectives are critical to their being achieved.
  • Client will self-assess their role in the present, and what changes will be needed to achieve with these goals and objectives.
  • At the end of three months, a clear strategy will have been developed.
  • During months 4 to 6, we will monitor progress and adjust as needed


  • Improved understanding of the organization’s opportunities and challenges
  • Organizational change strategy will be developed
  • Clear structure and accountability
  • Client will receive support in implementation of their organizational change strategies.