Organizational Management: Individual
Coach: Steve Jorgensen

What to expect:

  • Ideal for new/ inexperienced Directors or Executive Directors, or those who are experiencing a majorchange or growth spurt in their organization.
  • Client will work to identify achievable organizational goals and objectives for the coming year.
  • Client will identify barriers/ obstacles and resource limitations to achieving these goals and objectives.
  • Client will self-examine their own skills, expertise, aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Clients will do a time study of their own work, and work with the consultant to analyze the choices that they have been making.
  • Client will self-assess their role in the present, and what self-changes are needed to be more effective.
  • Client will strategize on how to more effectively delegate and offload non-critical tasks to others.
  • At the end of the period, a clear strategy will have been developed and will have started to be implemented.


  • Monthly meetings or telephone calls
    Self-assessment and development plan will be created.  
  • Improved delegation skills will be developed.