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Steve Jorgensen’s talent and passion challenges executives and teams to accomplish important work in the non-profit community with great integrity, commitment and results. He has lived and breathed the mission, financial demands, needs and pressures of this fascinating space as both a founder and the leader of Discipleship Outreach Ministries/ Turning Point—a multi-service and multi-funded agency for 20 years, and then for over a decade as a Principal and then Managing Director of a CPA firm solely serving non-profits. Steve and his team provide sound, wise and timely financial management and advice to non-profit organizations.

What separates Steve from other consultants and coaches is his unique ability to understand not only the business side of the equation but to develop and nurture strong leaders needed to steward these important organizations. The non-profit world faces singular challenges that require sound leaders and financial managers, which also have the compassion and unrelenting belief that the work is important and valuable.

Mac Pier, President of the NYCLC, describes Steve as having “… pastoral giftings”. The fruit of Steve’s labors has not only been strong, growing organizations, but the development of committed leaders who carry on the work after he leaves.

Steve helps clarify dynamic situations, extract key principles, apply them to the situation, and then articulate them in a clear manner. He knows when and how to encourage, strengthen, support, and knows how to provide criticism in a way that it will be received and be constructive.

A graduate from Brooklyn College, The City University of New York, he holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology. Steve has worked as a consultant for NYC Department for the Aging, National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, National Minority Aids Council, PROCEED Inc., and the NYC Leadership Center.