Transition Management: Individual
Coach: Rupert A. Hayles, Jr. (Center for Emotional & Spiritual Development Team)

What to expect:

  • Two – One hour calls with individual to assess transition state

  • Spend six hours in training to understand the transition framework

  • Spend one hour per month in coaching feedback to understand where the individual is in the process they are going through, and to develop individual action plans to enable their ability to succeed


  • Understanding state of individual transition (occupational, personal)
  • Training in the understanding of
    • Understanding Change versus Transition  
    • Change in your Life
    • Managing one change
    • Action plan and resources
  • Describe the critical difference between change and transition
  • Identify where you are located in a particular transition
  • Create and put in place strategies to:
    • Manage their endings more successfully
    • Move through the neutral zone and capitalized on the creativity of that time  
    • Start a wholehearted new beginning
  • Cope more effectively with the impact of constant change
  • Training for individuals on the processes and steps during transition
  • Utilization of the William Bridges Transition Framework to guide the individual to increase current work performance.