Transition Management: Team Workshop
Coach: Rupert A. Hayles, Jr. (Center for Emotional & Spiritual Development Team)

What to expect:

  • Two – One hour calls with team leader and coach to prepare for workshop
  • All team members spend one day in training workshop to understand the difference between Individual
    Transition in Organization and for senior leaders to understand Managing Organizational Transition.
  • Two hour follow up with leader


  • Understanding need-for-change realities
  • Training of Senior Management on difference between Change Management and Transition Management
    • Understanding Change versus Transition
    • Locating People in Change
    • Managing Endings
    • Leading in the Neutral Zone
    • Supporting New Beginnings
    • Action Plan and Resources
    • Understand the 7 Principles of Transition Management
  • Training of Senior Management in preparation for guiding associates through transition
  • Training for individuals on the processes and steps during transition
  • Utilization of the William Bridges Transition Framework to guide the individual to increase current work performance.
  • Benefits include the above deliverables and 1) thorough understanding of the leadership impact of transition on the individual’s team and extending to the individual’s personal life and family, 2) creationof an development plan to grow the individual from their current assessed state to some agreed onfuture state.
  • Development of the appropriate communication plan