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Urban Realities of 21st C


Wayne Meeks’s book, “The First Urban Christians” and Rodney Stark’s “The Rise of Christianity” convincingly argue that the secret of the Christian missionary movement through the early centuries was that the Gospel first won acceptance in the cities of the Roman Empire. The re-emergence of the “citystate” in the 21st century means that some global cities have more influence in other countries than do the capitals of those same countries.  

Movement Day Global Cities (MDGC) October 25—27, 2016, produced by The New York City Leadership Center, represents a momentous gathering of 3,000 Christian leaders – perhaps the first of its kind in all of church history – focused on city transformation. The vision of MDGC is to celebrate what God is doing in the major urban cities of the world, as well as to accelerate Gospel Movements in those cities through collaborative efforts.

According to speakers at the 2010 Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa, cities were named the best places in the 21st century to reach four strategic populations with the gospel: the Next Generation, Cultural Influencers, “Unreached People Groups” and The Poor. MDGC will address the issues impacting these strategic populations from a Gospel Movement perspective.  
MDGC is hosted in collaboration with the Lausanne Movement, founded 40 years ago by Dr. Billy Graham and Dr. John Stott.  This ensures the participation of Christian leaders from 12 global regions, which includes Australia, Egypt, France, India, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.  We expect 1,000 international leaders, 1,000 North American leaders and 1,000 Metro New York leaders to be in attendance.

This 3-day congress will consist of Morning Plenaries, Afternoon Breakout Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, and celebratory opening and closing ceremonies.   Thursday afternoon will be devoted to city teams debriefing what they’ve learned and planning their next steps together.  Each day will focus on a specific theme:

Day 1: The Glory and Challenges of City Gospel Movements
Day 2: Younger Leaders and the Opportunities in City Gospel Movements
Day 3: Marketplace Leaders and their Central Role in Gospel Movements

World-renown plenary speakers, topic experts and urban practitioners will share innovative best practices to positively influence the urban issues and key population groups in our cities.  Details and updates about this global congress can be viewed online at  For questions about registration, please contact Stephanie Shelow at